Those Leto eyes...

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I saw it all when I looked at your face.
Everything you tried to hide
in the attempt to immerse yourself
in washing the dishes.
It wasn't until I embraced you
that the walls fell
and the dark side of the moon spun into view.
I saw then,
for the first time,
the full extent of my importance.

My uncertainty melted.
There was no way I could walk away.
The fear and sorrow in your eyes;
something unexpected.
It all shook me to the core
and I wiped your tears away,
hoping I'd never see them in sadness again.

No, I could never walk away from you.
I saw your world in your eyes...

...and that world was me.

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Being safe from the hem of the prettiest rose petal
was monotonous-
it was almost like not even breathing.
But, now, if I could, I would abstain myself any day-
having known all the thorns
that scrape you as you slide down the stem,
trying to hold on to the flower.
It's a long way down, baby.
And when lying on that red, fragile surface,
it's just like breathing ashes anyway.

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In the winds of life I find my resolve,
a neverending journey through the breeze.
the leaves ignite into flames with the light of fall,
dancing in the moonlight vague and beautiful

her entrance was as innocent as the onslaught of fall,
she moved through the shade of twilight.
The fairness of her skin brightened my day,
I began to fall victim to her aura.

we danced with the winds of change,
a gust of wind to remember.
amidst the splender of the season,
we were guided by the powers that be.

the northeast in all her glory,
I bowed to the powers of creation.
attention to every detail,
the scenery could bring you to tears.

while dancing I stumbled over her beauty,
tripping only for a moment in time.
I awoke to a sign of things to come,
unrecognizable she admitted defeat

the sudden changes from fire to ice....

"A Dream Within A Dream"

I’ve never cried so hard,
I’ve never been so convinced..
For once I thought this was really happening,
And everything I’ve ever hoped for was in the pit of my stomach,
The center of my soul,
But what I held in my hands,
Was sand that seeped through my fingertips,
And before I could catch my breath,
You flew away with the wind,
Never to be seen again,
I’ve never dreamt a dream
So real as unreal,
I’ve never wished so much in my life,
To shut my eyes and never awake again,

Just let me dream,
If that’s all I can do,
Because I’d rather be asleep,
If that’s the only place I can be with you,

And in this life,
I can see right through you,
Everything I want,
Is what you want too,

It’s never been so perfect,
This is something I’ve always waited to feel,
And these pills that I’ve slipped tonight,
Will help me keep this feeling real.
grn eyes

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I thought of you today
I do not know what brought you to mind
Perhaps a stranger passed who had your eyes
Before my thoughts could take concrete form
The moment passed and you were gone
Much as the sunset dies to dark
So your memory fades.
No proof to its existence but,
The ledgers that I keep.
Do they bear some deep meaning,
Some message from my subconsience heart
Or are they just a fleeting regression
Random and Insignificant
With no reason to recount?
I would sooner know the mysteries of the universe
Than the nature of my heart.
But either way the wind shall blow
I just thought that I should say
"I thought of you today".

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My friend and I now go to different colleges, I miss him so much, this is what stemmed from it.

Road of Friendship

Sitting here alone,
Thinking of how much I miss you.
Remembering all the times we shared,
Past to present of our friendship,
Such a beautiful friendship.
Remember in the beginning,
When we didn't want to label wach other "best friends"?
Because in that title,
There is inevitable doom.
But we changed that this time.
Still best friends,
While everyone around us seemed to crumble,
We stood strong.
The entire human race could fall a part,
And my world would continue on spinning as long as you were by my side.
You told me I was one of your soulmates,
What other explanation could there be?
Having entire conversations without speaking a word.
Just our eyes doing all the talking,
You're so far away now,
The distance is so unbearable.
Because no one else understands me like you do.
I guess this is just one obstacle on the road of our friendship,
But we won't let it hold us down.
I'm hoping this road is a long one...
I want to be your best friend forever and always.

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Where do I begin?
In this mixed up tale of pain and sorrow
And I cry to myself to sleep
Waiting for tomorrow

Reality is something I want to hide from
And I do in my cotton candy dream
I cry in my sleep for hours
But it’s like a second to me

Please don’t flatter yourself like that
You are not as great as we both thought
But those days are gone and I hope you fail
I hope you fall and you won’t be caught

I wish I could stay asleep forever
Hiding from you all night in my room
Safe in my mind in my bed
But then the daylight comes too soon

You’d talk to me until you saw her
The epitome of perfection
She was just so much more…
And I slipped in to a state of depression

I was an original, I know its not the look
I never followed the rules, I through out that book
But that is no excuse, for looking down on me
But I won’t change for you I will be who I want to be

Please don’t flatter yourself like that
You are not as great as we both thought
But those days are gone and I hope you fail
I hope you fall and you’ll never be caught

-Amy Mack
This is my friend Amy's definitly not mine so i take no credit for it.
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