blunderfulb (blunderfulb) wrote in p0etic_justice,


I'm broken
I've got no one
I've got nothing

And I'm trying to learn my lesson
But so far I'm getting no where
All I want is to be accepted
And to reach my final goal

Steal me away from this hell that I've become
Take me away from this city that I've burned
Take my heart and change it's mind
I want to be you, I want to be you
I hate myself
Walking away ain't easy
I'm starving myself of all it's insecurities
I'm lying to all of those that trust me
So hardly in love, had to be love.

Every day I look in the mirror
All I see is lost and failure
What I need is some exposure
Someone to reach that part of me


Had to be love
Had to be loved
Only you, only me
Just to break that part of me
Now I'm nothing, I am nothing,
I am broken


As the days go by I'm losing it
As the years go by I'm dying
I thought my heart had learned it's lesson
I'm fading away, I'm fading away
I'm fading away
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