glass_tears22 (glass_tears22) wrote in p0etic_justice,

"A Dream Within A Dream"

I’ve never cried so hard,
I’ve never been so convinced..
For once I thought this was really happening,
And everything I’ve ever hoped for was in the pit of my stomach,
The center of my soul,
But what I held in my hands,
Was sand that seeped through my fingertips,
And before I could catch my breath,
You flew away with the wind,
Never to be seen again,
I’ve never dreamt a dream
So real as unreal,
I’ve never wished so much in my life,
To shut my eyes and never awake again,

Just let me dream,
If that’s all I can do,
Because I’d rather be asleep,
If that’s the only place I can be with you,

And in this life,
I can see right through you,
Everything I want,
Is what you want too,

It’s never been so perfect,
This is something I’ve always waited to feel,
And these pills that I’ve slipped tonight,
Will help me keep this feeling real.
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